Employee Picks: Eline Johannessen

This week's picks come from our beloved Marin manager, Eline. Eline always amazes us at her ability to look impeccably elegant while never looking fussy or over-doing it. She picked the graphic printed Charlotte top by Creatures of Comfort, paired down with white linen pants by Majestic, and brightened up with Maryam Nassir Zadeh's coveted red suede Sophie sandal. The off-shoulder Creatures of Comfort is exciting on its own, so she left out jewelry and opted for a spritz of Los Angeles based Capsule Parfume's scent in Brood. Keep reading to learn more about each brand, and shop Maryam Nassir Zadeh here.

Creatures of Comfort: opened by Jade Lai in 2005 as a destination for hard-to-find labels, Lai launched her own line in 2010 and has since acquired a cult following of loyal CofC customers. "Each collection springs from a foundational concept, with sleekly minimalist modernism, a quirky practicality, and the pursuit of the playful..." and is "noted for collapsing quotidian concerns with luxurious materials and a reductively chic approach to modern dressing."

Majestic Filatures: Blending silk, linen, cotton, and cashmere, Majestic Filatures designs the t-shirts and basic necessities that we find ourselves wanting to live in. They continue to create items that look effortless but feel luxurious, and are a staple we cannot stock fast enough each season.

Maryam Nassir Zadeh: Maryam Nassir Zadeh is another cult New York designer that we are thrilled to be offering in our stores. Since launching in 2008, Maryam has continued to create the most coveted pieces season after season. Simple and practical in design but in a distinctive and recognizably Maryam color palette, MNZ's sandals are both the perfect everyday shoe and statement piece.

Capsule Parfume: "Capsule Parfums is a small-batch fragrance house with a passion for making polished, transcendental scents [that feel] contemporary and progressive, with inspiration drawn from fashion and street culture." Based in Los Angeles, Capsule creates some of the most unusual and truly unique scents that we've encountered in some time, producing scents that are liked by both men and women alike.

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