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ayurvedic copper water bottle


narrow mouth copper water bottle with screw cap.
made in india. 10" x 2.75". clean inside with bottle brush. dishwasher not advised.
drinking from copper vessels is recommended within the ayurvedic tradition for a number of reasons:

• copper is naturally antimicrobial, able to kill off millions of bacteria within a matter of hours
• an essential mineral, copper helps reduce inflammation and promotes greater mental clarity
• copper's antioxidant properties aid in the prevention of wrinkles and offer other anti-aging benefits
• copper promotes a healthy immune system and may work to prevent allergies

to reap the greatest benefits, fill your copper water bottle, let it sit overnight, and drink from it the next day. copper will naturally build up a rich patina with regular use. if you wish to restore its original shine, sprinkle half a lemon generously with salt and use it to scrub the surface of the bottle. reapply salt as needed and scrub until surface is brilliant again. store filled bottle upright and wash inside before first use.
vohr schmidt